Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dibalik Design Majalah PREPS!

Happy to the max karena sambutan yang luar biasa buat PREPS! Magazine. Positive feedbacks for layouts and designs yang bikin saya sendiri jadi semangat untuk mulai ngerjain layout edisi 1. PREPS! Magazine pada dasar nya berusaha untuk tampil beda dari majalah'' yang sudah ada di pasaran saat ini. I've got so many complaints during the design progress, said that the layout looked plain, weird and enormous fear that this different layout would be rejected by readers. In fact, they loved it. Some feedback that I heard so far mentioned how catchy this layout looks like and make them wanted to read the words inside. Aman buat mata karena ga terlalu padet!

Positive feedbacks also given for this cover design. Compared with magazine that taken the same issue, this cover was totally different. I tried my best to involved humor, art and design to make it looks like it is right now. In my perspective as designer of this cover, sama sekali ga mudah buat nyatuin selera pembaca yang beda-beda. Working on unisex magazine is another challenge for me where I have to be very careful in color selections. I couldn't use too much pink or black on the layout. Not forget to mention how stressful to choose the right place for each visual and words. Disatu sisi super senang karena akhirnya edisi 0 ini published juga.

Each layout have its own challenge! I remember where I had to scolded to my content executive editor because there are too much wordings, miss spellings and there's no way If I have to forced them all on one single page. The idea is how to make this wording become attractive to read, which all now appeared on each layout.

Not like normal magazine with the same issue, when the CEO of PREPS! Magazine said certain target audience as the readers of this magazine, I knew that they must have a different taste with my preferred style. I have to kill my idealism about my own interpretation of a good layout. It's killing me. seriously. It's like eating durian when you hate durian so much! sometime it's worth to do, some more with all of the amazing feedback like this.

Any opinion, feedback, idea, suggestion are really mean for us! feel free to contact us though email or feel free to drop your comment here.

Ila Schaffer

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