Sunday, September 19, 2010

Snow in the Sahara

yay PREPPERS! Ila's here. I've been really excited because fikri (Preps' graphic designer) and I just finished all the designs for this zero edition. A little bit late from the scheduled date, but glad we can make it through. Meanwhile the files are still on the uploading process, here goes a story from last photo session with Yurike Amanda Soselisa (Nuna) and Audi Farizan for our fashion editorial.

For this edition, we bring fall/winter fashion for you to wear even though there's no snow here, but they're all absolutely wearable and superb fashionable that can steal a spotlight! that's why its called 'Snow in the Sahara' it's also come with a mix and match tips so it's easy for you to follow this style.

Before the shoot we managed to invite these talented girls for casting and came out with nuna for this edition. The shoot itself took place in pantai cermin (Indosat beach) and as usual, I have to face this unfriendly weather again, which always happen during my shoot! I was kinda frustrated at the time, struggling to come up with another idea just in case the weather stay until evening.

See the above, it supposed to be 1 pm, but it looked like 6pm. I hope we can just directly working on the shoot, but then we forced to wait for a few hours before we can really make the shoot happened. Here goes Aulya, Preps' CEO and Tara, the stylist who come along to help me out for the shoot.

Here is how the make up kit that I use for this shoot look like. I face so many problem with the sand that stuck inside after the shoot, and some props that I used as the wardrobe with the same sandy problem as well. But many thanks for Ollyfia and Lisa for the wardrobe! The wardrobe that I use are basically private collection from their closets, where they helped me out to mix and match the things to create a new style. They said "Most of us must have this kind of stuff at home, they just need to do a little bit mix and match to create new style and steal the spotlight" maybe you can try to check around you stuff and see what you can come up with.

A breaks between the shoot, the sun shines a bit at this time, but strong enough to burn my skin. I got tanned right now, which I don't really like.

While Tara working for female fashion, Dendy working with Audi as male fashion consultant. Thanks to him to provide some outfit that we can use for the shoot.

It was nice because I finally can get the sun shined during my shoot which is rarely happen! It went well and I really love the final images. We wrapped the shoot off around 4 pm and heading back to medan for photo processing. Group picture before we left.

left to right: tara (stylist), Tasriq, Dendy (stylist), Nuna (model), me (photographer/mua), audi (model) and here goes some of the finished result.

and special announcement for PREPPERS! if you guys interested with modeling, you can come to our headquarter every saturday (second week every month) because we give you an opportunity for modeling casting (male/female) started from 1pm until 9pm. For more info feel free to email us or left a comment here!


  1. pertamaaaaaaax !!

    model nyaa lucuuu deh *hahaha

  2. makassiii :D ayooo ikutannn casting! jadi model nya PREPS! juga..

  3. love this magz..
    jadi beda itu sulit..
    tapi gw percaya slalu ada yang bisa ngebawa angin segar dalam setiap bidang..
    chayoo preps..

  4. wah boleh nih jadi modelnya